pef vs dng

Doug Franklin jehosephat at
Tue Oct 6 22:56:49 EDT 2009

Fernando wrote:

> As geek as you need to be if you are processing raw files 20 years
> from now. You want future generations to enjoy your photos: print them
> in archival paper, process them as TIFF 16bits . - Just to be clear-
> nobody is stopping you from converting your files from .PEF to .DNG as
> future back up, burn them into DVDs and tossing them in a safe, next
> to grandma's jewelry, I'm just stating that, as of today, shooting DNG
> restricts you from usign the full universe of raw converters out
> there.

Independent of any of that stuff, if you want people to be able to 
easily view them decades from now, print them.  So far, paper is 
universal.  I know of no digital format that can make that claim with a 
straight face, and I won't believe it anyway until the format has been 
around and interchangeable for two or three or seven decades, minimum, 
at which point I'll likely be long dead. :-)

DougF (KG4LMZ)

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