The BS of Digital Photography

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>> I was chastised on the Pentax forums for saying i usually have to post
>> process just about every shot i want to keep or sell.
>> He said i don't know what i';m doing if i need to post process.
> Tell that to Ansel Adams. Post processing is just as critical to the
> final photograph as proper film developing and printing. Good
> photographers not only post process their work, but they consider the
> post processing when they shoot so that they get the best final
> product possible.
> An obvious example would be to "over" or "under" expose to save detail
> in shadows or highlights, and then correct the midrange in post
> processing.
> IMNSHO, whoever said that was a wanker who probably shot in green
> mode.

Not sure if he shot in green mode, but i do think he;'s a wanker.:-0
There was also some banter back and forth when i informed him i
normally shot in jpeg as opposed to Raw, which i am doing more of now.
That really convinced him i knew nothing.:-)

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