Using netbook as a photo-storage

mike wilson m.9.wilson at
Tue Oct 6 16:27:14 EDT 2009

AlunFoto wrote:
> Thanks for the report, Igor!
> On a similar line, I have tried for a while to sell my Jobo GIGAvu Pro
> Evolution (40 Gb), but got no offers. So I ended up playing with it
> instead. I replaced the disk with a 320 Gb equivalent, and it works
> like a breeze. A 320 Gb disk sold in bulk doesn't cost much these
> days, and the unit can already display DNG files.
> Maybe something to think of for other Jobo owners, while IDE disks are
> still available new :-).

Isn't there a converter cable from SATA?  Or is it the other way round? 
Is there space anyway?  Why am I not in bed, asleep?

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