The BS of Digital Photography

David J Brooks pentkon52 at
Tue Oct 6 13:52:41 EDT 2009

On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 3:15 AM, Bob W <pdml at> wrote:
>> It seems the almost instant gratification of digital capture
>> and the speediness of results has been eclipsed by the, OMG
>> factor, and 'what do I have to do to adjust this image?'.
>> Time saved by instant results is erased by time spent
>> post-capture processing.
>> Does it seem that way to others as well?
> You're not obliged to do any post-processing - that's why cameras have jpeg
> options: set & forget, just as you might have chosen a particular type of
> film.

I was chastised on the Pentax forums for saying i usually have to post
process just about every shot i want to keep or sell.
He said i don't know what i';m doing if i need to post process.

Most times its just a WB tweak or maybe just a brightness jump, but
nothing severe.. If it is, i reshoot.:-)

Now with the D1, they needed levels, wb and magenta teaks.

I don't see anything wrong with spending a bit of tiem with post
processing.  If its not the photographer, i'm sure the lab does.


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