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Tue Oct 6 11:56:24 EDT 2009


2009/10/6 Graydon <oak at>:
> Which is what I thought I was talking about.

Then I must apologise for my cheekiness.

I have also looked up what an "acyclic directed graph" is. :-)

Curiously, I have always thought of it in terms of it being like a
"food web", from my long gone days of biology...

> Maintaining a taxonomy of labels, long-term, is a lot more work than
> most people expect it to be, I find.  Rather like terminology for
> indexes and similar, even if you don't have to translate it.

Speaking of translation, one of the tasks we're trying to tackle is to
provide information to the public in all EU/EEA countries on medicines
approved for sale in each country, with all associated data and
possibilities to view the information in all available languages. From
Greek to Icelandic. :-)

Not a lot of data in there yet, but you can have a go at

When you get to the Advanced Search screen, all the drop-down lists in
there are examples of dynamic vocabularies that has to be maintained.



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