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Mark Roberts mark at
Tue Oct 6 10:25:10 EDT 2009

AlunFoto wrote:

>2009/10/6 Doug Franklin <jehosephat at>:
>> Oh, that part, I definitely agree with.  I just don't feel like the PPG is a
>> good way to do that, due to the dynamic nature of the jury and the lack of a
>> "theme" or "focus", or, really, any direction at all to the jury.  Between a
>> changing jury and no focus, it seems to me that it's all really a crap shoot
>> (dice game) with PPG.
>As often is, we're in "violent" agreement. :-)
>It may be a weakness, but I kinda like the PPG version of games of chance.

I agree for the most part.

I'd probably be very annoyed if I had to pay to participate under
these conditions, but it's free so what the heck?

You definitely *can* learn through submitting to the PPG and I have
certainly done so. My rate of getting photos through the first stage
(public voting) is now 100% and it wasn't always that way.

Getting through the final, Pentax employee stage is more difficult,
but then it should be.

By the way: I've had the interesting experience of speaking with some
of the Pentax folks who do the judging for the final cut. It was
definitely interesting to hear about it from their perspective. I
commented to one about the people who submit 20 shots of a slight
variation on a theme (being unable to simply too lazy to self-edit). I
noted that I just vote "no" on the lot -- it's one of the times I wish
voters could send messages to submitters: "Learn to edit your work!" I
asked him about this annoyance and he just grinned and said "We (the
people at Pentax) never see those." Meaning that I'm not the only
voter who just gives them all the thumbs down. :)

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