PESO - Shadows of the Past

Brian Walters supera1000 at
Tue Oct 6 08:27:39 EDT 2009

The shadows certainly add impact to the image.

The (former) engineer in me wants the walls on the left and right to be
vertical, but I'm not sure that would be an improvement...

Nicely composed and presented.



Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia

On Tue, 06 Oct 2009 03:20 -0400, Eactivist at wrote:
> One more Ft. Point PESO before I got to a GESO  (eventually).
> At Ft. Point I became intrigued with the shadows in the  middle of the 
> courtyard, shadows from the girders in the Golden Gate Bridge 
> immediately 
> above. 
> The shadows seemed to line up with various  openings.  
> Fort Point was built-in approximately 1853 and the  Golden Gate Bridge 
> sometime in the 1930's so those particular shadows have been  there for a
> long 
> time. I could imagine people over the years watching them  slowly move
> around 
> and line up with different openings. Or maybe I just have too  much 
> imagination.  :-)
> Comments,  welcome.
> Marnie aka Doe  :-)

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