The BS of Digital Photography

Malcolm Smith malcolmsmith1 at
Tue Oct 6 04:50:22 EDT 2009

> Tom C wrote:

> Certainly!  Whenever I attempt to venture back to film, I can't seem
> to seriously do it (regardless of how much I enjoy the smell of a
> freshly open film canster).

How interesting. I don't feel anywhere near as confident with a digital
camera as I do with film and I suspect in part this is why it remains in the
camera bag; a film camera or digital camera is as much a choice as a lens.

> Cost of film and developing seem like an afterthought almost, because
> it didn't really bother me then (I also think what is my own time
> worth?)

True and of course in this age of what can be done to a digital image, as
much time is often taken here as in development.

> I'm not suggesting I would return to film... extremely hard to do...

Can't comment as I never left!

> I'm just wondering because it seems I do a lot more work with digital.
>  Maybe in the same vein as computers. Back when we didn't have PC's (I
> had Atari's and Commodore's and before/during that worked in the
> mainframe world), a Technical Services department would solve all the
> stupid issues and I would only worry about my own application
> programs.  Now I must be tech services, data base admin, etc., +
> photographer... blah, blah, blah... :-)

I appreciate that and it is something I find particularly difficult as I
have no real interest in computers anymore, and yet, if I am to embrace the
digital age, I'm pretty much forced to go into an area which gives me no
joy. The one thing I still particularly like about E6 is that it forces you
to consider the photo and then wait for the results. You nailed it or you
didn't. I pretty much dread the day when I can't have film as an option.


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