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Tue Oct 6 03:30:18 EDT 2009

Mark and Doug, I think you're both right.
It's great to have one's photos evaluated by others sometimes. The
problem is always that you don't know who the "others" are. At PPG,
the taste of the voting flock is bound to drift depending on who's
doing it at the time. There are some who do regular voting exercises,
but I suspect most are either voting only when their own images are up
for evaluation, or when a complaint about long acceptance times
surface in the larger online forums like DPreview and PentaxForums.


2009/10/6 Doug Franklin <jehosephat at>:
> Mark Roberts wrote:
>> I find it very helpful to my growth as a photographer to shoot photos
>> with the goal of meeting *someone else's* idea of a good shot, rather
>> than my own, occasionally.
> I can't agree with that, since you can't know up front what qualities of a
> photo will help or hurt its chances of acceptance to the PPG.  You don't and
> can't know what "they" will consider a good or bad shot, other than by
> reviewing what has been accepted in the past.  And that's iffy at best,
> since the jury for each photo is different.  Plus, the last time I wandered
> around in the PPG, a year or so ago, I mostly felt like I was wandering
> about in a hall of mirrors, the photos fell into so few genres.
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> Thanks,
> DougF (KG4LMZ)
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