The BS of Digital Photography

Joseph McAllister pentaxian at
Tue Oct 6 03:18:08 EDT 2009

On Oct 6, 2009, at 00:07 , Tom C wrote:

> It seems the almost instant gratification of digital capture and the
> speediness of results has been eclipsed by the, OMG factor, and 'what
> do I have to do to adjust this image?'.  Time saved by instant results
> is erased by time spent post-capture processing.
> Does it seem that way to others as well?
> Tom C.

Yes, it does. However, I can have prints made of the few good ones  
from a 100 image shoot that same day, looking as I want them to look,  
even if they were two stops underexposed.

I also find that images that look great in chimp, even with good  
histograms, have highlights that can't be corrected. A limitation of  
the dynamic range of the camera, I suppose. Another way of expressing  
that is if you expose for the shadows, the highlight will be too  
bright. So I expose for the highlights, and fix the shadows in post.  
Much more data to work with down there.

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