Using netbook as a photo-storage

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Tue Oct 6 02:53:15 EDT 2009

Thanks for the report, Igor!

On a similar line, I have tried for a while to sell my Jobo GIGAvu Pro
Evolution (40 Gb), but got no offers. So I ended up playing with it
instead. I replaced the disk with a 320 Gb equivalent, and it works
like a breeze. A 320 Gb disk sold in bulk doesn't cost much these
days, and the unit can already display DNG files.

Maybe something to think of for other Jobo owners, while IDE disks are
still available new :-).


2009/10/5 Igor Roshchin <str at>:
> Hi All,
> A netbook that costs ~$300-$400 and typically has a 160 GB HDD
> and an SD (and it looks like they are HCSD, at least the one
> in Toshiba Mini) -
> can be used as a photo-storage device.
> A while ago, I was throughing in this idea, and somebody
> suggested that I should test it. Well, now I am back with the report.
> This has been tested with a vanila Toshiba Mini, WinXP Home,
> 1GB RAM, stock 5400 rpm 160 HDD, and the latest LR.
> I first copied RAW files (DNG) from the card to the HDD, and
> then exported them into the LR. This worked just fine,
> as long as I didn't ask to have the full-size previews.
> Creating full-size previews was _painfully_ slow, so I had to
> interrupt it and disable it for the future.
> Clicking on the image to see a full-screen preview results in
> some ~1-3 second delay.
> Also, - the LR panels are not well suited for using with a typical
> netbook 1024x600 display (the height is the biggest problem), -
> so the solution was to "minimize" the preview panel at the top
> left, - otherwise I couldn't get to the folders because LR doesn't
> scroll the panels.
> (That's something for Adobe to think about.)
> Overall, - a typical $300-$400 netbook is a suitable solution for
> storing, checking and even selectively
> posting some screenshots - but do not expect to do any
> heaving processing. I haven't tried generating web-galleries, -
> I'd assume that would take some considerable time because just
> exporting screen-size (600x800) JPEGs (from full size 12MP JPEGs)
> was taking considerable time (if I very roughly estimated, -
> no more than ~5-7 images per minute).
> The only thing that such a PSD doesn't do, compared, say to my
> HyperDrive, - it doesn't check correctness of copying the files.
> Over the past ~8-9 years of using digital cameras, I only encountered
> some file-related errors once or twice.
> so it may not be as important.
> But definitely, having  "a peace of mind" is better than to have
> "a pissed-off mind" later.
> Igor
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