DPR review of K-7

Adam Maas adam at mawz.ca
Mon Oct 5 19:48:06 EDT 2009

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 10:20 AM, Desjardins, Steve <DesJardinS at wlu.edu> wrote:
> I have an *istD sitting right behind me in my office at work.  It's the official dept. camera.  We will continue to use it until it breaks.  We just don't' need more MP or AF speed.  Eventually, I think that more cameras will be like that.  $2000 or less, 32 MP, acceptable AF speed.  Shoot RAW, let the PC do the processing.  You could have a camera like that for 10 years before upgrading, maybe longer, just like a film camera.
> How long do you think the new Leica M9 will be in service before in ends up in Technotrash?

I've discovered that today's semi-pro cameras have pretty much hit the
'I don't need any more' point for me. Having now owned the Nikon D300,
Panasonic G1 and Olympus E-30 over the last year and a half I've
pretty much concluded that if it gives me cleanish ISO 1600 in colour,
usable 3200 in B&W and has reasonable AF, buffer depth and viewfinder
I'm satisfied. Oh, and I want Live View with a flip-twist LCD, makes
tripod work oh so much easier on the neck & back.

The K-7 looks extremely good under my requirements. If the E-30 hadn't
offered near-complete lens compatibility with the G1, I'd have a K-7

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