pentax photo gallery

Mark Roberts mark at
Mon Oct 5 17:48:04 EDT 2009

Sasha Sobol wrote:

>What do you think about it?
>Things I like so far:
>the collection of images is nice.
>Things I hate:
>the flash interface - just ugly

Yeah. I think they should have gone with PHP and some form of SQL in
an XHTML format. It would have been more search engine friendly, too -
as it is I don't think pages in the Pentax Photo Gallery show up in
searches at all :(

>black box - the photo is accepted or rejected silently

That's been complained about and debated a lot. Often when voting I
want to shout out to the submitter, "Damn, that's a great shot!" or
"You're SO close! Just come back when the light's better... or crop
off the left... or..." But it's really easy to imagine how such a
system could be abused.

>the quality of submissions is quite low (voting is boring)

You shoulda been voting a year ago: Things were *much* worse then. I
think they're recently instituted a weekly limit of how many images
you can submit. People used to upload boatloads of crap.

>I have submitted 10 photos so far and one got in:
>Which I think the best portrait I did so far, but a couple of other
>photos I submitted are probably better.
>What is the usual acceptance rate?

It depends. While voting, I usually find myself saying "yes" to about
1 out of each 10. The acceptance rate for photos I submit is higher,
but that's just because I've become much more selective about what I
upload. :)

>Does it worth the effort of submitting photos?

I find there's very little effort in submitting, so I say Yes. 
I find it very helpful to my growth as a photographer to shoot photos
with the goal of meeting *someone else's* idea of a good shot, rather
than my own, occasionally.

>How would you compare ppg to, say 1x (one exposure) in terms of photos quality?

Never made the comparison, but I recall hearing of someone who had all
his PPG rejects accepted at another juried online gallery... and all
his rejects from that gallery accepted in the PPG! I think submitting
the same shots to both galleries and seeing what gets accepted at each
would be a useful exercise.

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