pef vs dng

Dario Bonazza dario.bonazza at
Mon Oct 5 16:20:23 EDT 2009

Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:

> ALL versions of the DNG specification since LR 1.0 was released
> capture all of the data in the native RAW-PEF files.

I have no reason for not believing you, but I'm sure for some long time I 
couldn't find the metadata in DNG files, and that was truly disappointing. 
Being it a problem with DNG format or an issue of ACR I don't know, but that 
was enough a reason (together with larger size of DNG's output by K10D and 
K20D compared to their respective PEF's) for preferring PEF.
One can do that in no time, at no cost, with no contraindication. What's the 


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