OT: Computer Question

Joseph Tainter jtainter at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 5 16:16:24 EDT 2009

"Sorry for the OT question, but the knowledge on this list is 
incredible. I hope someone can help me."

Here's my original question:


Thanks for the advice, everyone. I've now managed to restore my notebook 
screen so that it boots into the proper display configuration. Then I 
created a Restore Point. Tomorrow I'll test the Restore Point to see if 
it is working. If it is, then I'll proceed to try switching the display 
again to the external monitor.

I've removed all the display software that came with the monitor. The 
program that saves desktop configurations is called DesktopOK--a freebie 
out of Germany. It is virus free. The instructions (such as they are) 
say that it doesn't install. So it doesn't show up in Add/Remove 
programs. Would anyone have an idea how to get rid of it? Opening 
Properties in the desktop icon, it points to Documents and 
Settings/Administrator/etc., but I can't find any program there--just a 
folder labeled Desktop, which contains a list of my screen icons. It 
also installs an icon in my system tray (right side), but msconfig 
doesn't show anything that I can recognize to stop it.

Thanks again,


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