pef vs dng

Mark Roberts mark at
Mon Oct 5 15:26:16 EDT 2009

Matthew Montgomery wrote:

>I don't have my K10D anymore but my guess, based on your description,  
>is that I was running into something with *that* version of Lightroom.  

I believe what you were seeing was related to that particular version
of the DNG specification, rather than Lightroom. Adobe has updated the
DNG spec a couple of times (with full backward compatibility - as
evidenced by the fact that most people haven't noticed!)

BTW: The latest update to the DNG spec (I don't know if it's in use
yet) includes support for lens correction data. So those DA lens
distortion and chromatic aberration corrections that the K7 can do for
JPEGS will eventually be available to those who shoot raw (though not
in-camera, of course).

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