GESO - PDMLers Shooting Each Other

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Mon Oct 5 12:18:26 EDT 2009

Eactivist at wrote:
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> chris.mitchell at writes:
> Thanks for posting  Marnie - oh, and it's also good to see another jalbum
> user on the list. If  you work out how to integrate Chameleon with your 
> site,
> let us know how it's  done please.
> Chris
> ===========
> Will do.
> Thanks to those  who commented on my bad photos of other PDMLers.
> Marnie  ;-)
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> We can't solve  problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
> created them. Albert  Einstein  
Your PDMLer photos weren't really bad, really bad would have been 
embarrassing to everyone subject photographer and viewer alike....


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