pef vs dng

Dario Bonazza dario.bonazza at
Mon Oct 5 12:01:41 EDT 2009

Graydon wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 05, 2009 at 05:26:39PM +0200, Dario Bonazza scripsit:
>> Godfrey, Mark and Graydon wrote some very good comments on archiving
>> automation and efficiency. My comment below.
>> The boy asked: Dad, dad, what's the difference between theory and 
>> practice?
>> The father replied: Well... you know... mom welcomes men quite often, and
>> your dear sister has also started doing that... in theory, we should get
>> a lot of money... in practice we have two bitches at home.
> Can't see where the gratuitous sexism has any relevance.
> Would you care to explain?

The dirty joke has no relevance in itself, but it suddenly came to mind when 
thinking of the difference between theory and practice, and that was the 
point I wanted to highlight.

To get straight on topic, I understand there's a lot you can do for 
automating time-consuming tasks and increasing the efficiency of your 
storage, however I don't believe for a moment one can manage extra data at 
no cost (no money, no time, no problems, no risks, etc...). So I simply 
won't recommend using a larger file format without a good reason, just 
"because we've got the power to manage that".

So... Larry Colen wrote:

> I've been using pef raw files in my K20.
> Are there any disadvantages to switching to dng?

Larger files (22MB vs 16MB), hence more SD/hard disk memory required.


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