DPR review of K-7

Malcolm Smith malcolmsmith1 at btinternet.com
Mon Oct 5 11:06:43 EDT 2009

Steve Desjardins wrote:

> I have an *istD sitting right behind me in my office at work.  It's the
> official dept. camera.  We will continue to use it until it breaks.  We
> just don't' need more MP or AF speed.  Eventually, I think that more
> cameras will be like that.  $2000 or less, 32 MP, acceptable AF speed.
> Shoot RAW, let the PC do the processing.  You could have a camera like
> that for 10 years before upgrading, maybe longer, just like a film
> camera.

Mine is destined for the car.

> How long do you think the new Leica M9 will be in service before in
> ends up in Technotrash?

A-ha! Trick question. How many do you think will ever leave the display


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