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From: Luka Knezevic-Strika
> i do still percieve it that way, btw.
> On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 11:12 AM, mike wilson <m.9.wilson at> wrote:
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>>> >> AKA Lewis Carrol.
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>>> >> There really was an Alice, and she was underage when Dodgson
>>> >> photographed her and wrote his masterwork. Over the years, there has
>>> >> been some controversy regarding his behavior and intentions.
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>>> There is no age of consent for photographic modelling. ?Until
>>> 1875,
the age of consent for sexual activity in the UK was 12. ?Dodgson was
photographing from about 1850 to 1880. ?At the time, child nudity was
perceived as an expression of innocence and was even featured on
Christmas cards.

I was trying to answer the question "Why might someone feel feel 
uncomfortable with the photos?"

A person's reaction to the current news regarding Polanski can affect 
their appreciation of otherwise innocent photos.

I was not passing judgment on yours or Dodgson's photography.

Dodgson is a mystery, and there is a controversy. The real question 
about Dodgson is what led to the sudden breach between him and the 
Liddell family, apparently from their side.

Polanski is another story. His photography is not the problem; it's his 
behavior during the "photo shoot" that's reprehensible.

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