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Graydon oak at
Mon Oct 5 10:02:26 EDT 2009

On Mon, Oct 05, 2009 at 10:26:40AM +0200, AlunFoto scripsit:
> The important thing is this: when you re-import the keywords to LR,
> the program is bright enough to understand it if you add more leaves
> to a branch, or if you add another branch to the tree. But it does NOT
> understand it if you move a leaf from one branch to another. Then you
> will end up with two keywords with the same name on different
> branches. To update the keywords on your existing files, you will have
> to add the new and remove the old keyword for all affected images.

That "tree" is really an acyclic directed graph, and because of the
one-and-only-one-path property of those graphs (there is only one way to
get to any node in the graph from the root of the tree), if you move
"leaves" like that, you're defining a different node, because it has
different ancestry.  It's not working by keyword comparison.  (Or you
could only ever have one use of "vacation" or "work" in your keyword

-- Graydon

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