New findings on the K-7 and Lightroom for Mac dilemma

Bruce Walker bruce.walker at
Mon Oct 5 09:50:15 EDT 2009

Ralf R. Radermacher wrote:
> Hello all,
> We've just returned from a one-week holiday in Northern France and my
> photos taken with the K-7 again look awful when I view them with
> Lightroom 2.5 on the Mac.
> Just opened one of them in Photoshop (Adobe Camera Raw 4) and bingo:
> While photoshop displays WB values of 5300 and +11 with the "as shot"
> setting for a particular picture, LR comes up with 4850 and +14. 
> The photo in PS looks OK, albeit a little on the magenta side as
> reported by many other K-7 users, while I'm getting heavily
> over-saturated blue tones in LR.

Ralf, just curious: do you have PEF or DNG configured as your in-camera 
raw format?  You might try switching from one to the other to see the 
effect (aside from storage space).


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