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Damn, you did good,  Marnie!! Love this..also!

Thanks, Jack. I really  like this one, myself.
I am getting my groove back! Heh. 

After not  really shooting for almost a year (more than a year?), it seems 
it takes me  about 3-4 sessions of shooting (church visit, OR/WA trip, now 
PDML meet) before  I start getting back in the "zone" (not the zone system, 
the zone where I start  working at digging a bit deeper).

Feels  good.

Another good  one!

Thanks,  frank.
Kinda Twilight Zone-ish.

Very  good shot.


The whole place was.  :-)

Thanks, Dave.

That's a hard  picture to make right. You did well.

Thanks,  Tim.

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mark at  writes:

Looks like a companion shot to Doug Brewer's  "Frameworks" shot in the
PDML book.

High  praise, indeed. Heh.

It wasn't intentional though, I couldn't resist the  fun house mirror look 
of that corridor. But I did think of his photo afterwards.  :-)

I like this more than "Passing  Through".  I know others liked the
'ghostly leg' in "Passing Through"  but I thought it a bit  distracting.


To each their  own. (I am sure some were influenced by it being B&W. But I 
thought it had  an ethereal quality too).

However, I especially like this one myself.  (Maybe just because it is 
lined up better.)

Thanks, Brian.

Thanks  to all for looking.

Marnie aka Doe :-)

> I  think this  one worked out well... (Doesn't hurt the
> wall was roughly 
>  painted.  :-))

We  can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created  them. Albert Einstein  

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