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> There really was  an Alice, and she was underage when Dodgson 
> photographed her and wrote  his masterwork. Over the years, there has 
> been some controversy  regarding his behavior and intentions.

There is no age of consent for  photographic modelling.  Until 1875, the 
age of consent for sexual activity  in the UK was 12.  Dodgson was 
photographing from about 1850 to 1880.   At the time, child nudity was perceived as an 
expression of innocence and was  even featured on Christmas cards.

Did he take  pictures of her nude? I googled and didn't come up with that.

This is  getting rather far afield from Luka's photo. But some men do 
sexually abuse  under age children (and some women do too). And they don't wear 
big labels on  themselves declaring who they are. In other words, there are 
pedophiles in the  world, it's just a fact of life, and they do ruin 
children's lives. So it is of  concern and not something to be brushed off. 
Sometimes thinking something hinky  is going on is the right conclusion to reach. (I 
am still unsure about Michael  Jackson, for instance. OTOH, his whole 
behavior was strange.)

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We can't solve  problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
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