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> > There really was  an Alice, and she was underage when Dodgson 
> > photographed her and wrote  his masterwork. Over the years, there has 
> > been some controversy  regarding his behavior and intentions.
> There is no age of consent for  photographic modelling.  Until 1875, the 
> age of consent for sexual activity  in the UK was 12.  Dodgson was 
> photographing from about 1850 to 1880.   At the time, child nudity was perceived as an 
> expression of innocence and was  even featured on Christmas cards.
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> Did he take  pictures of her nude? I googled and didn't come up with that.

If he did, those pictures are not available for viewing now.  Some of his child nudes have been rediscovered recently.

> This is  getting rather far afield from Luka's photo. But some men do 
> sexually abuse  under age children (and some women do too). And they don't wear 
> big labels on  themselves declaring who they are. In other words, there are 
> pedophiles in the  world, it's just a fact of life, and they do ruin 
> children's lives. So it is of  concern and not something to be brushed off. 
> Sometimes thinking something hinky  is going on is the right conclusion to reach. (I 
> am still unsure about Michael  Jackson, for instance. OTOH, his whole 
> behavior was strange.)
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