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Mon Oct 5 04:26:40 EDT 2009

It's inside the catalog.
What you ought to do is to export the keywords. THen you get a
structured text file which you can edit in a standard editor, and then
import back into LR afterwards.

There's one important thing you need to know, though, which I didn't
know myself when I wrote the below.
Let's call the hierarchy a "tree" -structure. Each category holding
subcategories or keywords will then be a "branch", and the endpoints,
the most detailed keywords, will be "leaves".

The important thing is this: when you re-import the keywords to LR,
the program is bright enough to understand it if you add more leaves
to a branch, or if you add another branch to the tree. But it does NOT
understand it if you move a leaf from one branch to another. Then you
will end up with two keywords with the same name on different
branches. To update the keywords on your existing files, you will have
to add the new and remove the old keyword for all affected images.


2009/10/4 Boris Liberman <boris71 at>:
> Jostein, do you also happen to know where LR2 stores the keywords it knows,
> as I'd like to play with it some having read your story below?
> Boris
>> I never saw the LR1.
>> In v2, you can create a text file with a certain indented format, that
>> will import to LR as a hierarchy. It works like this:
>> Animals
>>     Pets
>>          Cats
>>          Dogs
>>     Livestock
>>          Pigs
>>          Horses
>> If you assign the keyword "Horses" to a picture, it automatically also
>> gets Animals and Livestock.
>> If you want a keyword "container" that's supposed to be just a
>> placeholder for terms, not a keyword you can enclose it in square
>> brackets, eg. "[Animals]". Assigning the keyword "Horses" to an image
>> will then make LR supply Livestock, but not Animals.
>> Further, you can supply synonyms by using curly brackets:
>> [Animals]
>> ....
>>     Livestock
>>          Pigs
>>                {Swines}
>>          Horses
>>                {Equines}
>> "equines" is now a synonym for Horses, meaning that when assigning
>> "Horses" to an image, it also becomes searchable for the synonym.
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