GESO - PDMLers Shooting Each Other

Chris Mitchell chris.mitchell at
Mon Oct 5 02:44:31 EDT 2009

> NorCal (Northern California) October 2009 Meet in SF (San
> Francisco)...
> I tried  out jalbum to do it. I want to make it work on my site, but
> don't
> know how yet.  So, for now, going with their site. (It says there are
> ten
> photos, there aren't.  A slight bug -- and I know what caused it.)
> Marnie aka Doe  :-)
It's good to see another PDML meet in progress - and good to be able to put
faces to names.

Thanks for posting Marnie - oh, and it's also good to see another jalbum
user on the list. If you work out how to integrate Chameleon with your site,
let us know how it's done please.


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