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Mon Oct 5 02:04:44 EDT 2009

Desktop Restore looks legit from what I can see and I tend to rule out
a virus as well - it is just not viral behavior - nonetheless you can
do an online virus scan of the setup program at
http://www.kaspersky.com/scanforvirus just to be sure.

Also, have you tried uninstalling Desktop Restore?

Also, if you use for example Spybot Search & Destroy it regularly runs
registry backups so you might be able to restore your registry from
there if the last backup is not too old. Many anti spyware programs do
these backups, also tools like CCleaner / Crap Cleaner.

If all else fails, I have an online support tool so I could take a look.

(IT tech by day)

2009/10/5 Joseph Tainter <jtainter at mindspring.com>:
> Sorry for the OT question, but the knowledge on this list is incredible. I
> hope someone can help me.
> I have a Dell laptop running XP. On Wednesday I installed a new, 19",
> 1280x1024 external Viewsonic monitor. At the same time I installed a little
> utility called Desktop Restore, which restores the position of your icons if
> they get rearranged. All seemed well until today--everything seemed to be
> working fine.
> Today I was using Firefox to search for a hotel in Stockholm. Suddenly Zone
> Alarm popped up a window saying something was trying to access the internet.
> I clicked on "Deny," but Zone Alarm wouldn'd respond and I couldn't get the
> message off my screen. So I rebooted the computer. That's when the problems
> started. Here they are:
> 1. My 1280 x 1024 monitor will only show in 1024 by 768. I cannot get it to
> switch to the correct resolution and stick.
> 2. Now the monitor on the laptop also comes up in 1024 x 768 when I boot up.
> This monitor I can get to the correct resolution (1280 x 800) by manually
> setting it in Properties. But I shouldn't have to do that.
> 3. Suddenly System Restore no longer works. I cannot go back to a previous
> restore point.
> 4. So I ran AVG Antivirus 8.5, after first updating it. I had it scan the
> entire drive. It could not find any viruses.
> Can anyone think of what may be going on? What should I try?
> Thanks,
> Joe
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