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> Saw this at Fort Point yesterday:
> Runners came up to it and touched their hands to it.  I wanted to find
> out what the hands meant - google is my friend.

Cool photo, well seen, well captured.

That's an amazing story about the high-steel workers.  I'd have liked
to see a photo of Hopper (in the article) after hearing so much about

I've known for a while that the Golden Gate Bridge is a suicide
magnet.  There are such places that for some reason attract a
disproportionate amount of jumpers;  other bridges would be just as
"deadly" if jumped from, but for some reason the GGB gets way more
than others in the area.

Here in Toronto The Viaduct (more properly known as the Prince Edward
Viaduct, but nobody ever calls it that) is such a magnet.  There are
higher bridges, more desolate bridges, but for some reason it's a
magnet, and for that reason they erected huge (and ugly) suicide
barriers about 10 years ago.  Apparently they've been very effective
so I'm happy to live with the aesthetic problem.

Anyway, thanks for a very thought-provoking image and accompanying article!

"Sharpness is a bourgeois concept."  -Henri Cartier-Bresson

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