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John Sessoms jsessoms002 at
Sun Oct 4 20:59:46 EDT 2009

AKA Lewis Carrol.

There really was an Alice, and she was underage when Dodgson 
photographed her and wrote his masterwork. Over the years, there has 
been some controversy regarding his behavior and intentions.

But, yes I was referring to Polanski, although there was also recent 
news concerning Brooke Shields suing to have nude photos taken when she 
was 10 years old removed from a current exhibition at the Tate.

From: Luka Knezevic-Strika
> i have no idea who charles dodgson is  :) 
> i'm guessing you're making a joke and that john was speaking of
> Polanski, but who knows
> and thanks, mark
> On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 8:37 PM, Mark Roberts <mark at> wrote:
>> > John Sessoms wrote:
>> >
>>> >>There's been significant news recently about a certain "photographer"
>>> >>who should have never been allowed to be alone with young girls.
>> >
>> > Charles Dodgson? Bah, old news...
>> >  ;-) 
>> >

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