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It occurs to me, that  some people reading the list may never have attended 
PDML meet and may not  recall all the words of the PDML Song, whose origin 
lost in the mists of  time (although some say the words are by Matsuo Basho
himself, translated by  Walt Whitman). So I've jotted them down here  for
Much too long, I could never learn it.  :-)
Besides I thought the PDML song was "Oh, cormorant, my cormorant..."  
(Well, set to music.)

Marnie aka Doe  ;-)

>From the Land of the Rising Sun
Came  no stick with a sponge, nor a bun
Shaped like a Carmelite nun!

What  they gave us you'll never guess
It's a mystery you must all  confess
Cleaner than Monica's dress!

It's a camera! Yes, a  camera!

They gave us a camera and lens
For each of us. Yes, even  Jens.
It's more useful than 300 pens!

It's a camera! Yes, a  camera!

Taking snaps of a handsome bird
Is much sweeter than lemon  curd
And more thrilling than Douglas Hurd!

It's a corm'rant! In my  camera!

(Rinse and repeat, with a Hey-No and a  Hey-Nonny-No)

We  can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created  them. Albert Einstein  

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