The PDML Song (RE: GESO - PDMLers Shooting Each Other

gldnbearz gldnbearz.pdml at
Sun Oct 4 20:03:08 EDT 2009

I think you forgot the youtube link.

On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 4:36 PM, Bob W <pdml at> wrote:
> It occurs to me, that some people reading the list may never have attended a
> PDML meet and may not recall all the words of the PDML Song, whose origin is
> lost in the mists of time (although some say the words are by Matsuo Basho
> himself, translated by Walt Whitman). So I've jotted them down here for
> reference:
> >From the Land of the Rising Sun
> Came no stick with a sponge, nor a bun
> Shaped like a Carmelite nun!
> What they gave us you'll never guess
> It's a mystery you must all confess
> Cleaner than Monica's dress!
> It's a camera! Yes, a camera!
> They gave us a camera and lens
> For each of us. Yes, even Jens.
> It's more useful than 300 pens!
> It's a camera! Yes, a camera!
> Taking snaps of a handsome bird
> Is much sweeter than lemon curd
> And more thrilling than Douglas Hurd!
> It's a corm'rant! In my camera!
> (Rinse and repeat, with a Hey-No and a Hey-Nonny-No)

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