GESO - PDMLers Shooting Each Other

Bob W pdml at
Sun Oct 4 19:05:40 EDT 2009

> Don't you hate eating with other PDMLers? They  all have 
> cameras at meal times.
> After a meet, it seems obligatory to  share bad pictures of 
> other PDMLers. 
> (Well, mine are bad, others' may not  be.)

Where are the cormorants?

I hope you followed protocol and all stood up to sing The PDML Song before
your meal. You may have your choice of tune over in the USA, but here in
Europe we sing along to the melody of Cage's 4'33" (the longer version).
Godders does a particularly fine basso profundo rendering, with alto

> NorCal (Northern California) October 2009 Meet in SF (San  
> Francisco)...

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