GESO - Rust and Waves

Tim Øsleby maritimtim at
Sun Oct 4 17:58:59 EDT 2009

2009/10/4  <Eactivist at>:
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> I've made a new blog  entry.
> n.html
> ===============
> Interesting collection of odd  things.
> Especially like the rusty discs with the rope and the windows.  What is
> that thing with the arm (thing as in not human :-))?
> Marnie aka  Doe

The rusty discs are not rusty. I'm not sure how to put it in English,
but they are sinking "stones" for fish nets, made of clay.

The thing with the arm is a miniature crane for loading and unloading boats.

The windows are from a church. If only I had a tripod at hand to line
them up better.
I cheated with that one, rendered it a lot darker and more moody than
it was. Guess I was in one of my moods.


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