PESO - A Taste Of Summer.

Malcolm Smith malcolmsmith1 at
Sun Oct 4 15:09:01 EDT 2009

> Luka Knezevic-Strika wrote:

> the vertical branch is distracting, the focus a little off, or too
> shallow, and the white balance simce not entirely correct (it's too
> warm i think) the light is well, a bit boring - sun only and all that,
> and the subject is also kind of uninteresting. so, your enjoyment
> wasn't mine this time :) hope the apple tasted well! :)

LOL! Just as well I had a good time then. The apple incidentally, is a
cooker and would have tasted foul, so very much in keeping with the photo


PS -The test was for a problem with sending. Nothing was showing up and Doug
suggested it wasn't being sent in plain text. Despite it showing it was,
once reapplied, all was well. 

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