Will and the Rocket Boys

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Fantastic! They must have some real historical significance I'd have


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> I've offered up a couple of pithy aphorisms to this list by 
> Will Connell, Sr., the photographer who founded the 
> photography department at the Art Center College of Design in 
> Pasadena. His son, Will Jr., is married to my aunt and we've 
> become fast friends recently. 
> When Will Jr. was in college studying engineering in the late 
> 1950's, he and his peers were big into rocketry. They built 
> their rockets, 7' long, 150lb monsters (some with 
> two-stages), and launched them in the high desert above Los 
> Angeles. If you've seen the movie October Sky about former 
> NASA engineer Homer Hickam, well, Will's is a similar story. 
> After college Will went into the aerospace industry and 
> worked on the X-15 rocket plane among other projects.
> He asked me recently if I would scan some old 6x6 and 6x9 
> color negatives of his rocketry launches. I don't know what 
> emulsions were used but it was some form of Kodak Safety Film 
> from the late 50's. There were also two (2) 6x9 color 
> transparencies. I don't know what kind of cameras were used 
> for the 6x9 images, but the 6x6's were made on a TLR of some 
> type. You'll notice that the pressure plate of this camera 
> was not keeping the film flat at the time of exposure as the 
> edges are uniformly soft. The negs were scanned on my Nikon 
> 9000ED at 2000 dpi. The photos were taken by a friend of Will's.
> I asked Will if I could share these with y'all and he thought 
> that was fine. Enjoy!
> http://www.primelensphoto.com/wills_rocketry_photos/index.html
> -Brendan
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