Pentax 250/4 SDM lens or why I don't like Ritz Camera

Igor Roshchin str at
Sun Oct 4 12:24:46 EDT 2009

If the 300mm lens focus is too long, and 200mm is too short, offers a perfect opportunity of splitting the
difference: Pentax 250/4 ED SDM lens


They list a lot of Pentax lenses as "clearance sale" while listing
prices that are on par with those at B&H or even higher.

On another hand, - if someone doesn't mind awful customer service
(I had that experience 4-5 years ago) - see e.g.'s
1.12/10, - a few lenses (notably 10-17 and 50-135) are ~$30
under B&H's prices. I stay away from


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