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Reminds me of Dan  Brown's novels. No, this is a compliment. Though, I 
think it could benefit  from a tripod...


Now that you mention it  reminds me of that too. Believe it or not, I was 
using a tripod. Heh. But  because it was windy I held onto it, which sort of 
negates using one in the  first place (because I move).

Thanks,  Boris.
That must be one of those archangels,  straying from another thread like a
lost sheep. 

It's a nicely  atmospheric shot.

Heh. Thanks a lot,  Bob.

You did well with a daunting  exposure challenge. I like the  composition.

Well, pretty much I did what Joe  had recommended for exposure length and I 
shot TV at 1/20. But I suppose I  should have shot manual exposure. Would 
have had more control. I'll try that  next time.

Thanks, Jack.  :-)

Excellent. I really like this. The  moon and the arches combine to make  
it a striking  graphic.
Thanks, Paul. I tried more stuff but  this was the best of the lot, being  


Good composition and  again, i ;ole the line work here.

Thanks,  Dave. 

What, Bob, said.   Definitely conveys mood and intriguing composition. 
Cheers,  Christine

Thanks, Christine.

Marnie aka  Doe   Anyone notice how I am rushing my shots out before the  
"competition?" Heh. Just figure some might be very  similar.

We  can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created  them. Albert Einstein  

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