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G'day Marnie

I  like that - you've managed to get those arches lined up well.

It might  have been improved by getting someone to stand in the
furtherest arch as a  focal point?



Heh. GMTA -  Great minds think alike. ;-) See Passing Through and Coming. 
On the other side,  this side, the open battlements side (they once had small 
cannons in them),  there weren't as many people because it was cold. But I 
liked the geometry  anyway.

Like it for all the same reasons.  Well titled, also.

Thanks, Jack.  :-)

A compelling image. The symmetry of the  arches is nice, yet the  
variation at the edges of the frame makes it  more interesting.

I agree, and the gradations  of light and dark.

Thanks mucho,  Paul.

Love this one.

Good lines,  lighting

Thanks,  Dave.

What, Paul, said.  Sounds  like it was a fun meet-up!  Cheers, Christine

I  enjoyed it, though I would have stayed at PFA longer if it hadn't been 
pretty  cold and windy. But you take that risk in San Francisco. 

It was fun to  meet Larry and Sasha for the first time. And see Godfrey and 
Pat (and her SO)  again.

Just sorry Bruce, John Francis, John Celio, and Marco couldn't  make it too.

Marnie aka Doe  :-)

We can't solve  problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them. Albert  Einstein  

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