PESO: Anja

Bob W pdml at
Sun Oct 4 10:46:30 EDT 2009

> is also hers) ============ That was my initial reaction,  
> probably because her pose is sort of modelish. Now that I 
> know she was playing  dress up that changes things.
> Doesn't help, see, that she verges on being beautiful, the 
> way many of those baby pageant girls do. So when you put make 
> up on them you can see the beautiful women they will become 
> (an enticement to one too young, or a parody,  or something 
> that borders on being more vile).
> I don't retract my  comment, no point in that, but I 
> reassess. Still not sure I like it, but I will  leave my 
> response/judgement/etc. in abeyance.
> Marnie aka Doe  ;-)

One of the things I really like about this series of photos by Luka is the
almost Arcadian quality of the lives he is depicting. This shot demonstrates
it very well:

The background landscape, its softness, the framing with the grapevine and
the unobtrusiveness of the camera make it feel to me as if we have a
privileged view on an updated version of a Poussin painting or something

They also remind me of visiting the countryside of Romania and the
Carpathian Mountains in autumn with its lush fruitfulness, and meeting some
of the people who lived there. 

It's a real privilege to see these photos, in my opinion. 


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