Better Histograms for raw shooters

Boris Liberman boris71 at
Sun Oct 4 10:49:12 EDT 2009

This is what Godfrey recommended me some years ago for my K10D. It 
worked fine, but on K-7, I haven't done it yet. Probably should do 


George Sinos wrote:
> This very short article by Ray Maxwell has been posted over on
> Luminous-Landscape.
> <>
> Most of us know that the histogram is not generated from the raw
> image, but from the embedded jpeg preview.  We've often discussed that
> this can give you a slightly misleading indicator of your exposure.
> Maxwell suggests decreasing the contrast setting and describes how
> this can make the histogram reflect the exposure more accurately for
> raw shooter.
> I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds reasonable.  I'd be curious to
> hear the results if anyone gets a chance to experiment before I do.
> See you later, gs

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