PESO - Passing Through

Eactivist at Eactivist at
Sun Oct 4 10:37:12 EDT 2009

The rooms in Ft. Point were very old fashioned,  connected by one long 

I loved it because it was so surreal --  like a fun house mirrors thing. 

Would have benefited from having my  tripod to line things up exactly, but 
I don't lug it around unless absolutely  needed (not having a carbon fiber).

Nevertheless, I hung around a bit and  tried to catch people.

Got this one I like  anyway...

Comments,  welcome.

Marnie aka Doe :-)   Godfrey used a tripod, so I will  be interested to see 
what he came up  with.

We can't solve  problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them. Albert  Einstein  

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