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hm, i positively hate those 'child model'  things. but all i've ever
seen as their visual presentation have been very  unnaturaly looking
shot with a wanna-be glamorous atmosphere and blah-blah. i  felt that
the spontaneity of the situation was preserved to a certain  extent
with this photo. maybe i am wrong, because i was there and it was  all
hers - dressing up, putting make-up and dancing around and posing  (the
pose is also hers)
That was my initial reaction,  probably because her pose is sort of 
modelish. Now that I know she was playing  dress up that changes things.

Doesn't help, see, that she verges on being beautiful, the way many of  
those baby pageant girls do. So when you put make up on them you can see the  
beautiful women they will become (an enticement to one too young, or a 
parody,  or something that borders on being more vile).

I don't retract my  comment, no point in that, but I reassess. Still not 
sure I like it, but I will  leave my response/judgement/etc. in abeyance.

Marnie aka Doe  ;-)

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> Loving the 6x7   :)
>  ==============
> Definitely  a good shot, but I have a negative  reaction to it. She looks
> about 10-11, but is  posing like a model  and wearing red fingernail 
polish and
> red lipstick. Reminds  me of  those "baby beauty pageants" where young 
> dress up  inappropriately  sexy. Which I don't like, sorry.
> Marnie  aka Doe

We can't  solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
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