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Hi Luka:  Your picture is excellent with color and composition just right; I 
don't read the picture as  "creepy"--not at all, though I did have a bit of 
a reaction to the kitchen towel, the turnip, and the toy in the young girl's 
hand.  The toy evokes cookie cutters to me and when combined with the 
kitchen towel and the turnip, I found myself wanting to say to the young 
girl, "Life outside the kitchen is really more fun."  :-)  Still, great pic. 
Cheers, Christine

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> hm, i positively hate those 'child model' things. but all
> i've ever seen as their visual presentation have been very
> unnaturaly looking shot with a wanna-be glamorous atmosphere
> and blah-blah. i felt that the spontaneity of the situation
> was preserved to a certain extent with this photo. maybe i am
> wrong, because i was there and it was all hers - dressing up,
> putting make-up and dancing around and posing (the pose is also hers)

I agree with you, and read the photo in the same way. To me it's about her
spontaneity, naturalness and fun. Although I don't have children of my own I
have been closely involved in the upbringing of 2 girls and I recognise them
in this photo, which is entirely delightful and not at all 'creepy' as some
have suggested.


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