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On Oct 4, 2009, at 5:54 AM, Bob W wrote:

>> hm, i positively hate those 'child model' things. but all
>> i've ever seen as their visual presentation have been very
>> unnaturaly looking shot with a wanna-be glamorous atmosphere
>> and blah-blah. i felt that the spontaneity of the situation
>> was preserved to a certain extent with this photo. maybe i am
>> wrong, because i was there and it was all hers - dressing up,
>> putting make-up and dancing around and posing (the pose is also hers)
> I agree with you, and read the photo in the same way. To me it's  
> about her
> spontaneity, naturalness and fun. Although I don't have children of  
> my own I
> have been closely involved in the upbringing of 2 girls and I  
> recognise them
> in this photo, which is entirely delightful and not at all 'creepy'  
> as some
> have suggested.
I agree completely. I've posed "dress-up-day" pics of Grace, and no  
one complained. It's part of being a little girl.
> Bob
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>>> In a message dated 10/3/2009 7:11:12 A.M.  Pacific Daylight Time,
>>> lukastrika at writes:
>>> Loving the 6x7  :)
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