PESO - Corridor to the Dark

Brian Walters supera1000 at
Sun Oct 4 07:22:59 EDT 2009

G'day Marnie

I like that - you've managed to get those arches lined up well.

It might have been improved by getting someone to stand in the
furtherest arch as a focal point?



Brian Walters
Western Sydney Australia

On Sun, 04 Oct 2009 02:10 -0400, Eactivist at wrote:
> Norcal PDML meet today. Seven showed up. I am sure there will be more on  
> this later.
> We started at Ft. Point, a fort build under one end of the  Golden Gate 
> Bridge, dating back to civil war days.
> It was windy and cold, but I love the repeated geometries -- they gave
> the  
> whole place a very surreal feel.
> A simple one to  start...
> Comments,  welcome.
> Marnie aka Doe  :-)

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