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Given my monitor  situation, I can't comment meaningfully on the
conversion/rendering, but I  really like the composition and subject.

Lovely  photo!


Thanks, frank.  :-)

I recognize the window treatment as one  I've done a time or two. =)
The mood benefits from a slight softness. Sepia  (on my monitor..of course) 
has a slight mauve tone, but is not a real  complaint.
Well done.

Thanks, Jack. I wasn't  totally sure what I was doing trying for the sepia 
look, so it could be a little  mauve. ;-)

I like it. A lot to see here. I  find the rich dark sepia -- or brown  
-- tones well suited to the  subject.
Hey, thanks,  Paul!

nicely done, I think... lovely  mood


Thanks, ann. You think it's a lovely  mood? Heh. Okay. (Just kidding.)

Thanks all for looking.

Marnie  aka Doe :-)

We can't  solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we 
created them.  Albert Einstein  

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