DPR review of K-7

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Although I don't know what your specific exposure issue is, I have never shot in other than RAW, so am fine with a bit of under exposure. Much prefer to apply a slight +exposure nudge than deal with dreaded blown highlights.


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> Yeah, as much as I've given reasons for not getting a K-7,
> I still
> might.  If the exposure control control was much
> improved that could
> make me happy for a while... and if I can sell a couple of
> items on
> e-bay, as Paul suggests, it could make it less of a hit.
> Let's see... if I order it Monday with expedited shipping
> so that it
> arrives on Wednesday when she's gone for the day... it'll
> be just like
> getting the K20D.  It looks like the *istD to her and
> in her mind it
> is. :-)
> FWIW, the exposure accuracy of the K-7 does seem better
> than the K10/K20, and the *istD (which I found to be really
> bad).
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