I dreamt of the FF Pentax last night...

Graydon oak at uniserve.com
Sat Oct 3 22:20:36 EDT 2009

On Sat, Oct 03, 2009 at 10:07:06PM -0400, John Francis scripsit:
> On Sat, Oct 03, 2009 at 09:23:37PM -0400, Graydon wrote:
> > Some marketing genius at Hoya has noticed that 15% or so of humanity are
> > left handed, and that for a serious lefty, using a DSLR is
> > nigh-impossible due to the relatively extreme right-hand biases in the
> > control layout?
> Nope - we just learn to adapt.  After all, we're used to having to do that
> in a right-handed world.

I have some left-handed friends who find cameras a source of serious
frustration; while it's obvious some left-handed people adapt OK, I'm not
sure they all can, or all think the stubbornness cost is worthwhile.

And I'm pretty sure even someone such as yourself who is presently
well-adapted wouldn't *mind* a left-handed biased camera.

> In any case, for a photographer left-handedness is far less of a
> problem than being left-eyed; that leads to at best nose smears on the
> LCD screen, and at worst nose-pressing buttons on the back (I keep
> shifting the focus point on my K10D).

While I am moderately right handed, I am strongly left-eyed.  Believe
me, I know about this one.  (It's a pain when shooting or doing archery,

> I'm pretty strongly left-handed; the only other thing I've learned is to be
> ambidextrous when it comes to computer mice; switching hands occasionally
> is a good way to avoid RSI, and it also means I can use a random computer
> (such as at trade shows) without too many problems.

I actually have trouble with that, because I almost never use a mouse.
(Trackpoint keyboards. :)

-- Graydon

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