DPR review of K-7

Jack Davis jdavisf8 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 3 18:21:25 EDT 2009

Might matter to a hammer handed "semi pro" (K-7 has now been so designated) who, weather and other conditioned be damned, MUST get the shot.
This situation fits, maybe..two struggling beginning "pros."(?)


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> > I'd tend to agree with them if it wasn't for the
> pricing. Oh, and the
> > performance hit and lower build quality. If the 5DmII
> was 5fps and had
> > AF comparable to the A900 or was cheaper than either
> I'd say it was a
> > better value. Right now it's more expensive here in
> Canada (same price
> > in the US according to B&H) and is pretty much
> unobtanium to boot
> > which changes the value proposition.
> >
> > --
> > M. Adam Maas
> Is 'build quality' that much of a factor if one only
> realistically
> uses the camera for 2 - 3 years before upgrading to the
> newest and
> latest.  Build quality is desirable, I'm sure no one
> would argue that,
> but I wonder.  Different body types, magnesium vs. a
> steel & plastic
> body, weather sealing.  There's no doubt there may be
> advantages, but
> at what cost to the end consumer, and if the camera only
> sees 2 - 3
> years of use, was that extra expense of sufficient benefit,
> or does it
> merely serve to gratify that materialistic side of our
> egos?  Hey I
> like a quality product just as much as the rest of us.
> Back in film days where one might plan on using the same
> camera for 5,
> 10, 15 years, I think build quality was a larger
> factor.  Today if any
> camera I owned suffered a catastrophe sufficent to require
> repair I'd
> probably junk it in favor of a newer model.
> I know the Mark II supposedly does not have weather sealing
> that
> matches some competitors, but how often will I be actually
> need that
> weather sealing?  If I was standing taking pictures in
> the pooring
> rain, I'd be providing some kind of protection to the
> camera and lens
> anyway.
> Since you've used the Mark II, was there anything specific
> about build
> quality that was not up to par or even better than the
> average DSLR?
> The lower frame rate is fine since I'm not shooting action,
> and even a
> slower AF than some, is not a big deal for the same
> reason.  I'm
> largely looking at it for general landscape photography,
> large
> enlargements, and specifically for night/astrophotography
> and the
> automation add-ons Canon has for that.
> Not being argumentative, just thinking out loud and
> thinking that
> because of the short life cycle of digital products, maybe
> our
> parameters for measuring them should also be changing.
> It's almost getting to be like: Do I use the quadruple
> quilted toilet
> paper to wipe my butt or do I go for the cheaper stuff,
> because it's
> all going to get flushed anyway?  Not that any of this
> is cheap.
> Tom
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