DPR review of K-7

Jim King jamesk8752 at mac.com
Sat Oct 3 16:10:06 EDT 2009

Doug Franklin wrote on Sat, 03 Oct 2009 07:54:55 -0700

> I want it for the faster AF and the faster frame rate, primarily.  
> The bigger sensor (compared to the K10D) would be nice, but it's not  
> critical and makes all the files bigger, and thus slower to  
> manipulate.

You don't have to cope with larger files; just set the resolution to  
10MP (or even less, if you want) and image file size will be the same  
as with the K10D.

I just bought my K-7 for $1005 with a couple of discounts, and I'm  
absolutely delighted with the improved handling/operation.  Yes, the  
IQ isn't any better, but that's only part of the value proposition.

Regards, Jim

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