DPR review of K-7

Mark Roberts mark at robertstech.com
Sat Oct 3 11:12:39 EDT 2009

AlunFoto wrote:

>When the K20D I was a bit surprised by how all the forums blabbed
>about it being a "minor upgrade" from K10D, despite the facts. They
>are two very, very different beasts. The K10D was probably as good as
>any APS-C CCD sensor could get, and Pentax used a 22 bit A/D converter
>to make sure they got the best signal achievable out of it. From there
>to K20D's CMOS is nothing short of a new paradigma. The K-7 also
>introduce a new tech platform since they've changed the operating
>voltage, but the technological difference between K20D and K-7 is much
>less of a revolution than the previous leap. Yet it receives so much
>more attention. :-)

I agree completely. I still have and use my K10D but the step up to
the K20D was very big indeed. I haven't bought a K7 yet. I may skip it
and wait for the next camera in a year or so.

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